Chess: The Ultimate Strategy Game

Join us for learning, playing and enjoying the wonderful game of chess! Many activities are planned; including lectures, tournament condition games, best move game(s), problem solving, team games, simultaneous games with the instructor, bughouse and more. Participants should have a basic knowledge of chess before enrolling in this course.

Instructor: Michael D. Dixon
Michael has coached over 30 individual State Champions and over 25 State Team Champions from Ohio during the past 26 years. One of his most decorated players is Jeffery Xiong, a former Ohio Contemporary Chinese School (OCCS) student. Jeffery was the 2nd youngest Master rated chess player at just 10 years old. He currently holds a Grandmaster chess title and is the highest rated player in the world under the age of 16.

Online Registration: March 20th - April 7th
Sessions are now split into Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced. Beginners will meet on Tuesdays. Intermediate/Advanced players will meet on Thursdays. 


Program Code Grades Location Dates Day Time Fee
314301.01 Middle and High School-Beginner Level 2-8 STEM Lab 4/11-5/16 Tuesday 3:00-4:00pm $90
314301.02 Middle and High School: Intermediate and Advanced Level 2-8 STEM Lab 4/11-5/18 Thursday* 3:00-4:00pm $90
314301.03 Grades 2-5: Beginner Level 2-8 STEM Lab 4/11-5/16 Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm $90
314301.04 Grades 2-5: Intermediate and Advanced Level 2-8 STEM Lab 4/11-5/18 Thursday* 4:00-5:00pm $90

*The first Thursday class (scheduled for 4/13) will meet on Tuesday 4/11. The remaining five sessions would be held on the subsequent Thursdays.