F.A.Q. (Frenquently Asked Questions)

Where are the NA Parks & Recreation parks located?
  • We offer more than 200 acres of parkland, and our park system consists of Bevelhymer Park, Thompson Park, and Wexner Community Park.  All are located within Plain Township, the City of New Albany, and the New Albany School District.  See the individual park pages for maps and directions.

Can I rent a pavilion or field for private use?
  • Yes!  New Albany Parks & Recreation offers pavilions at Thompson Park and Wexner Community Park.  Detailed information is available on the individual park pages.  You may also reserve a sports field or court at Bevelhymer Park or Thompson Park.  Simply complete the Facility Reservation Link on the facilties page.  If you need more information, please contact the staff at 614-939-PARK (7275).

What are the park rules?  Can I bring my pet to the parks?
  • For safety reasons, there are no pets allowed in any park or facility.  Service dogs are the only exception.  Park rules are posted at each park and are listed on this site.  Rules are in place for the safety of all visitors, and we appreciate park visitors working with us to maintain safe and clean parks.

What should I do if I notice unsafe conditions at a park?
  • Please contact our office at 614-939-7275 or by email dwharton@naparks.org to report dangerous conditions or any damaged or non-working equipment or facilities.  We appreciate hearing from you so that we can quickly correct the situation.  If you see something that is life-threatening or poses an extreme safety risk, please contact Dave Wharton at the office phone number or the e-mail address listed at the beginning of this answer.

How old do you have to be to participate in New Albany Parks and Recreation programs?
  • Each sport league is different in regards to age participation but the youngest age for organized sports is 4 years of age as of September 1 for youth soccer.

When is registration for the sport I’m interested in?
  • Please visit the indivudal sports pages for detailed registration window informaton.  In general, registration begins on the following schedule:
  • Fall sports June 1
  • Winter sports  September 1 
  • Spring sports January 1
  • Summer sports May 1

How do I register for youth or adult sports leagues?
  • New Albany Parks & Recreation offers a convenient Online Registration process.  It’s quick, easy, and secure.  The Online Registration page offers specific information about how to access the system and what to do if you are a first-time user.  If you do not have a user name and password, or are new to the area, please contact our office and we will guide you through the process of obtaining one.

How do I pay the registration fee?
  • All registration fees are paid online by credit or debit card using our secure,online registration.  Visa, Discover Card, and MasterCard are accepted.

Where does each sport league play its games?
  • Youth Soccer  Bevelhymer Park  
  • Youth Baseball  Bevelhymer Park  
  • Youth Softball  Bevelhymer Park  
  • Youth Football  Bevelhymer Park
  • Youth Lacrosse  Bevelhymer Park  
  • Youth Field Hockey Bevelhymer Park
  • Youth Basketball  NA Elementary 2-5 Gym
  • Youth Sports Camps Bevelhymer Park/Thompson Park
  • Adult Co-ed Soccer Bevelhymer Park
  • Adult Co-ed Softball Bevelhymer Park
  • Adult Co-ed Flag Football Bevelhymer Park
  • Adult Co-ed Cornhole at local establishments
  • Adult 30+ Basketball NA Elementary 2-5 Gym

I don’t live in the New Albany school district.  Can I play recreational sports through NA Parks & Rec?
  • Our programs are open to non-residents, but there is a non-resident fee that will be assessed at registration.

Are there sports league for adults?
  • Yes!  Adult recreational leagues have grown to include an adult 30+ basketball, co-ed soccer, co-ed volleyball, co-ed cornhole, and co-ed softball.  For more info, please visit the Adult Sports & Leagues home page as well as the page of the individual sports.

Where do I find info on sports camps?
  • Our Summer Camps page provides information on camps hosted at New Albany Parks & Recreation locations. 

Can I obtain a refund for sports programs?
  • Refund policies are determined by each league and vary.  A refund request form can be obtained online or you can call the park district office at 614/939-PARK (7275) and a form will be mailed to you.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for the refund to be processed and a check to be mailed.

Do the power lines pose any risk to my family or me when I am at the park?
  • The studies and research surrounding the power lines that run through parks, conclude that there is no  serious danger to people that use the park grounds.