In the Beginning

By 1994, the New Albany community was taking shape as a premier destination in central Ohio. To find a way to meet the recreation needs of a rapidly growing community, New Albany Parks Commission chaired a Focus Group made up of two representatives each from Plain Township, the Village of New Albany, and the NAPL School District in order to determine the feasibility of creating a parks district.

In 1999, the Township, Village, and the School District each appointed one representative to establish a Joint Park District which essentially mirrors the boundaries of the school district. Stan Harris, Keith Karr, and Jon Yarger were appointed as founding Trustees. Officially known as New Albany-Plain Local Joint Park District (JPD), in 2008 the JPD began operating as New Albany Parks & Recreation.

New Albany Parks & Recreation began with about 150 children participating in four sports on seven leased fields. Today, more than 3700 participants take advantage annually of the league sports coordinated through NA Parks. The park district boasts three park complexes located on 200 acres and offering 38 baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse fields.

In addition to playing fields, complexes at Bevelhymer Park and Thompson Park provide seven tennis courts and one basketball court, walking trails, playgrounds, pavilions, and concession stands. The Wexner Community Park, available for family gatherings as well as community events, offers a pavilion with fireplace, warming kitchen, restrooms, and adjacent playground and lawn space.

Through the Years


Local sports leagues began to grow at a fast rate.
The New Albany Company donated to the Village of New Albany 55 acres at Bevelhymer for NA Parks to meet increased demand for facilities. 


Moved its office from the schools to an office on Market Street. 
Went to the voters in February 2003 to ask voters to approve a .60 mill bond issue to raise capital funds ($5 Million) to develop the donated land that was needed for more field space.
Hired a staff member to be the Recreation Supervisor to all of our local sports leagues.
Started construction of the new Thompson Park to add seven athletic fields, five tennis courts, two playgrounds, an open air pavilion, a permanent restroom/concession stand, and walking trails and paths throughout the park.


Added a staff member to assist residents registering for sports and to perform book keeping.
Started the development of Thompson Park, an active 40-acre park.
In November of 2004, the community overwhelmingly passed a bond issue of .72 mill.  Funds were used to buy and develop another 55 acres directly next to existing leased 72 acres at Bevelhymer Park.
Formed an agreement with a local investor to create an indoor tennis facility at no additional tax dollars at Thompson Park, by constructing bubbles over the existing tennis facility.
Thompson Park was completed and opened for the community to use.


Purchased 16 acres and received a donation of 39 acres directly next to Bevelhymer Park. 
Design of the new expansion at Bevelhymer was completed and construction began on the new piece of the park. 
Added a new staff member to the team, the parks supervisor.


Working to complete the new Bevelhymer Park Expansion was the priority for 2006. The project was 90 percent completed in the fall of 2006.
Began the planning for a new office at Bevelhymer Park.


With the expansion complete, Bevelhymer Park becomes a 135-acre sports complex. The expansion adds nine athletic fields, four baseball/softball fields, three parking lots, paths and trails throughout the park, a permanent restroom/concession stand, and a pond. 
Construction of the new office, located in the center of Bevelhymer Park, is completed in August. 


Implemented online registration process.
Added surveillance equipment for Bevelhymer Park security.
Added programming: Field Hockey.


The Board was increased from three members to six members.
Added doors to the west side of the Wexner Community Pavilion to provide extra protection from the elements for the users of the pavilion.
Installed irrigation in the north orange soccer zone in partnership with the New Albany Youth Soccer League.


Added dugouts, scoreboard, sound system, and fencing to baseball yellow zone field #1 in partnership with the New Albany Little League.
Installed new well and pump system at Thompson Park.
Seal coated and patched parking lot at Thompson Park.


Installed the Thorguard lightening prediction system at Bevelhymer and Thompson Parks.
Connected path to The Preserve subdivision at Thompson Park.
Installed new well pump and motor at Bevelhymer Park-Yellow zone


Host to the 50 mile finish for the 2012 Pelotonia.
Thompson Park becomes home to Crew Juniors.
Added new programming: TryRugby, JumpBunch, Adult Cornhole, 9th-10th grade basketball
Partnered with the Farmers Market to provide Team Volleyball.
Facility maintenance included: Painting Wexner pavilion, Baseball concession, and Thompson Park concession; tiled the floor and walls in the Wexner Pavilion warming kitchen and bathrooms, seal coated and patched the parking lots and paths in the Green and Yellow Zones at Bevelhymer Park.

Host to the 50 mile finish for the 2013 Pelotonia.
New programming: Youth volleyball, Adult volleyball league, Added grades 11-12 to H.S. basketball.
Summer movie series: June-The Goonies, July-Sandlot
Partnered with New Albany Little League to add solar shades on dugouts and install outfield fence on Red 2.
Partnered with New Albany Little League and New Albany Lacrosse Association to install irrigation in the purple/red zone fields.
Facility maintenance included: Seal coated and patched the parking lots and walking paths in the purple and orange zones, added mulch to all the playgrounds, new trash cans at the Wexner Pavilion, Repairs to the soccer concession stand due to vandalism. 

Host to the 50 mile finish for the 2014 Pelotonia.
New playground installed at Thompson Park.
New Programming: Fall softball returned, summer running camp, High School bowling program.
Partnered with Eagle Pizza to expand Summer movie series to three movies: June-The Incredibles, July-The Lego Movie, August-Back to the Future.
Partnership with Tiger Rugby at Bevelhymer Park.
Partnered with the New Albany Football League to build a new storage barn.
Partnered with New Albany Little League for the Red 1 infield conversion to grass and additional irrigation.
Added bleachers at Bevelhymer Park
Facility maintenance included: Seal coated and patched the Red zone parking lot, extensive irrigation repairs at Thompson Park, new fountain for the pond at Bevelhymer Park.

New Programming: Youth fitness (January-February)
Launched new website and added mobile registration.

New electronic playground(NEOS) installed at Thompson Park.
Partnered with New Albany Youth Soccer to install a new playground in the Orange Zone at Bevelhymer Park.
Partnered with New Albany Little League to add top dressing to 6 fields.
Partnered with New Albany Little League to expand the use of one of the ball fields.
Host to the 50 mile finish for the 2015 Pelotonia.


New Programming:  Chess, Medical School Camp, Middle School Girls Basketball, 1st Annual 3v3 Slamboree

Connector completed linking Bevelhymer Park to Rocky Fork Metro Parks.
In ground irrigation installed at Thompson Park.
Community supported a replacement of the New Albany Plain Local Joint Parks District Operating Levy to .75 mills.
Host to the 50 mile finish for the 2016 Pelotonia.

New Programming:  Eagle Enrichment at the school after the school day.
Installed outdoor FITness Equipment and Stations("Muscle Beach") with the help of a $10,000 grant.
Installed Safety Lighting at Thompson and Bevelhymer Parks.
Partnered with a community group to create New Albany Miracle League.
Host to the 50 mile finish for the 2017 Pelotonia.