Co-Ed Soccer
The New Albany Adult Soccer League (NASL) is a non-profit program that serves players of all ages and skill levels. Players are welcome to register as part of a team or individually. 

How to Register
  • Online registration: January 1st - April 3rd
  • Fee: $60 for returning players, $40 for new players. Plus $18 if ordering the league issued jerseys.
  • Teams that do not wish to wear the league issued jersey muist provide their own matching uniforms. League issued jerseys are Maroon and Gold. 
Season Schedule
  • Game Dates: Saturdays, April 8th - June 24th
2017 Board Members
Position Member
President Jam Khorrami
Communications Cathy Ritchie
Equipment/Referees Tracy Sharpless
Marketing Eric Remeis
Marketing Eric Baker

Instruction for how to register

Registration Form
Spring 2017 Schedule